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Modified on Fri, 20 May 2022 at 10:05 AM

With Peplink products, your device is able to connect to SpeedFusion Cloud without the need of purchasing/hosting an endpoint for your SpeedFusion VPN. This service has wide access to a number of SpeedFusion endpoints hosted from around the world, providing your device with unbreakable connectivity wherever you are. 

Step 1Open a web browser and visit for MAX routers: and for Balance routers: .

Step 2Login to the web admin using your login credentials. The default credentials are username "admin" password "admin" however the password may have been changed as the first time you login to the device it requires you to set a new password.

Step 3: Enable SpeedFusion Cloud from SpeedFusion Cloud > Choose Cloud Location. 

Step 3.1: Choose Automatic > Click on the green tick button to confirm the change. 

Step 3.2: Click on Apply Changes to save the change.

By default, the router will build a SpeedFusion tunnel to the SpeedFusion Cloud. 

If you are running a latency sensitive service like video streaming or VOIP, a WAN Smoothing sub-tunnel can be created.

Step 4: Navigate to SpeedFusion Cloud > Choose a cloud location > SFC.


Step 4.1: A SpeedFusion tunnel configuration window will pop out. Click on the + sign to create the WAN Smoothing sub-tunnel.

Step 4.2: Click on Save and Apply Changes to save the configuration. Now, the router has 2 Speedfusion tunnels to the Speedfusion Cloud.

Step 4.3: Create an outbound policy to steer the internet traffic to go into Speedfusion Cloud. Please go to Advanced > Outbound Policy, click on Add Rule to create a new outbound policy.

Did you know that in most care plans there are SpeedFusion Cloud subscriptions included?
Check out the website

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