P2P Layer 2 Peplink VPN connection for multicast

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This is a guide on how to make a layer 2 bridge between 2 Peplink devices.

When you use Physical Peplink devices, without an underlying subnet, this is quite simple.

This is because the Peplinks can all serve as a router, a fusion hub for example, can not.
The routing has to take place elsewhere.
If you have 2 Peplink devices. One of these will be the "Core" router that will host the subnets in your network. We call this the "Core" device, the client side device we will call the "Mobile Unit".

Step 1: Make a VLAN on the "Core" device.

For example: The VLAN will get the gateway address and a VLAN idea of 10
DHCP is optional, unless you are working with static addresses. Then this is not needed.

Step 2: Create on the "Mobile Unit" the same subnet.

Give this device the same subnet and VLAN ID. Give this network the gateway address
DHCP Has to be turned OFF on this side.

Step 3: Create a PepVPN / Speedfusion Profile.

Once you have created the profile on both units, and the tunnel has been created, navigate back to the Network tab and click on the VLAN created from the previous step.

In this screen, click on the blue question mark below and on the link "here".

Then you can select the previously created VPN profile, this will bind the VLAN to the VPN profile.

On the Core unit, make sure you leave the "Do no override" option ON here.

Now you do the same on the Mobile unit. Here you set the "override IP Address when bridge connected" to Static or DHCP, depending on what you are using.

Then you can connect the LAN ports to the VLAN on both units via NETWORK -> Port Setting.

So as soon as you have a PC on both of them, they will both operate in the same subnet (L2) and so multicast traffic will have to work properly.

Topology for this guide:

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